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The Beckford Formula is the culmination of our combined 28 years of weight loss management as medical doctors, with the success of thousands of patients (without use of medications or surgery), 18 years of personal battles with obesity and eventual victory, and over a decade of researching peer-reviewed medical journals, articles and books published by international thought leaders in the field of weight loss and weight management. 

If you are like many people frustrated to lose weight and keep it off, you’ve probably tried all of the major diets - Atkins, Zone, Mediterranean, South Beach, Eat More Weigh Less, MUFAS, a strict vegan diet, a high fiber diet or Weight Watchers. Many of these are great and maybe you did lose weight with some of them, but you just couldn’t keep it off. Something was missing… 

Finally, here’s effective advice from not one doctor but two who can speak to the agony, frustrations and finally the triumph of getting the scale to move in the right direction, again and again. We have helped thousands of patients lose weight without drugs or surgery. And more importantly… We’ve been where you are! After giving birth, Rita found herself as much as 80 pounds overweight, while at one point Ian struggled to lose a stubborn 30 pounds himself. 

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